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Overview of SBO To-Go

Nursery Bible Lesson for Easter 2020 using Easter eggs. Jesus is alive.

Heart of the Lesson 

Click the Arrows to see daily

Heart of the lesson videos.

Before you start:

  • Daily Supplies:

    • Gather all of your supplies for the day before your kids arrive.

    • We have included all of the weird supplies and some fun swag in the Science Kit(s).

    • You will need to provide the daily snack supplies and a few other items that you probably already have around your house. You can find a supply list in your Leader Guide on page 4.

    • Please be sure to ask the other parents of the kids in your group about allergies. Plan your snacks accordingly.

  • Technology:

    • You'll need internet access and a screen big enough for your kids to watch the daily videos. Some TVs have a YouTube app that will make this super easy. You can load videos straight from the YouTube.

    • If you use YouTube, sure to watch the correct video. The one marked "SBO" is the video for everyone. The one marked "SBO JR" is for groups with only preschool kiddos with sort attention spans. *The JR videos do not include all of the information your older kids will need.*

  • Science Kits:

    • Each kid will need their own Science Kit with the supplies for the experiments.

    • We have sold the first 500 Science Kits, but hope to make another small batch of them soon.  Click here to get on the wait list.

  • Super Snazzy Science Log:

    • Each kid will need their own Science Log (included in the Science Kits).

    • The Science Log works as a journal for them to record their results, journal about what they are learning, and it also includes several of the activities that we will be doing during the week. 

    • This is an important part of learning this week.

  • Leader Guide (optional):

    • We know that the Leader Guide is huge! Don't let it intimidate you! It's a reference for you to use as much or as little as you need.

    • If you are comfortable teaching your kids: You may choose to work your way through the kid's Super Snazzy Science Log and not use the Leader Guide, that's totally okay. Feel free to use it as a reference when you have questions or need more guidance.

    • If you are not as comfortable teaching and this is new to you: We have scripted out every lesson. Simply read what is in bold and do what is not in bold. 

    • Use the Leader Guide in whatever way works best for you!

SBO Lesson Videos:

Videos will premiere at 9 AM on June 15, 16, and 17. Feel free to join us at that time or any other time this summer! You can also access all of these videos via the "VisitGrace Kids" YouTube Channel. If you are accessing the videos straight from YouTube, be sure to watch the correct video. 

Be sure to check out the additional information below the videos. 

Use the arrows on the right and left of the slide to navigate between days.

*If you have a group with only very young preschoolers, you can use the extremely abbreviated version of the videos listed below these. Please use these the full length videos with all older kids.   

SBO Day 1

Can Jesus understand me and my feelings?

These videos are also available on YouTube! 

Opening & Worship


Today only: Do step one of the experiment (page 10) before watching the opening video!

Click here to see another day

Click here to see another day

GKJR Lesson Videos:

If you have a mixed group of ages, we recommend playing the videos above for the whole group, but if you have only a group of preschoolers, you may want to play the videos below for those shorter attention spans. The videos below are extremely abbreviated and don't cover the information your older kids will need, but will work well for our younger preschool and kindergarten kids.


Can Jesus understand me and my feelings?

These videos are also available on YouTube! 

Opening & Worship


Today only: Do step one of the experiment (page 10) before watching the opening video!

Click here to see another day

Click here to see another day

Spotify Playlist:

Do you love the SBO music? We have created a Spotify playlist for SBO that you can access anywhere! We've also included the theme songs for the past 10 years (the songs featured in the throwback worship video).


Click the link below for quick access! 


Fun Fact:

The Endless Possibilities Song was written and recorded by some of our very own talented Gracers!!!

Email Your GK Director:

Do you have additional questions? Did a kid in your group make a decision to follow Jesus? Do you have an amazing story from the week that you'd like to share with the Grace Kids Team? We would love to hear from you! 

Please email your campus specific director. If you don't attend one of our three campuses, if you're from another church, or if you are doing SBO on your own from somewhere else around the world... please email our Campus Support Director. 

Make your own shirts:

Do you want your own SBO To-Go shirt? Download and print this file on your own iron-on paper. The shirts in our videos are our Grace Kids colors (orange, green, blue, and purple). Will you make your shirt to match ours or get creative and do something unique? Will you make it a different color? Will you print your logo in color on a white shirt? Maybe your shirt could be tie die! You can make your SBO shirt any way you'd like! (Yes, the shirt icons are supposed to be backward. They will iron on in the correct direction.)


Be sure to post a photo on social media and tag your campus!!! We can't wait to see your version of the SBO To-Go shirts!

Just the Worship:

Do your kids love to watch, rewatch, and rewatch the worship songs over and over? If so, here are the direct links to each of the songs for quick access! 

SBO Worship Songs

Endless Possibilities

God of Science



Make Your Own SBO:

Do you live out of state? Do you want to join us for SBO To-Go? Do you attend another church that is looking for a fun FREE VBS option this summer? Would you like to build your own SBO To-Go Backyard Scientist kits?

You are welcome to download any and all of our SBO To-Go Backyard Scientist files to do in your own home or with your church as our gift to you!

Click this link to go to our download page and access everything you will need! 

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