SBO 2020 - For other churches

***Before you start, we recommend viewing this from a computer not from a phone or tablet.***

When it became obvious that we were not going to be able to have our traditional SBO, our version of VBS, we started brainstorming what it would look like to go to a virtual and/or backyard model. 

We completely started over with our summer plans and created what we are calling "SBO To-Go: Backyard Scientist". 

We are blessed to have a huge team that was able to put this together in just a few short months, but we realized that isn't the case for many other churches. We want to help. We decided to make everything we created free for you and your church! 

Below are all of the digital files you will need to use this with your church. We are providing editable templates so you can brand it with your own children's ministry colors, logos, etc. 


Make it your own. There is no need to credit us in any way. This is our gift to you. We do ask that you please do not redistribute any of our files and/or sell them. If you know anyone else that's interested, please send them to this page to download their own copies of everything. 

We would love to see pictures of your events! 

Use our PDFs

or use the templates

to create your own!

The Big Picture:

  • Our win for the week: We approach science by seeking to know, exploring the options, choosing the answer, and then deciding how to act. We should approach our beliefs about Jesus the same way. What are your kid “Scientists” seeking to know about Jesus? How will they explore what the Bible has to say about that? Based on what we read, how will they choose their answer, and then how will they decide to act or live their lives differently because of it? SBO To-Go Backyard Scientist will walk you through this method of discovering Jesus using this investigative path. Our heart is that your kids will continue to ask these types of questions throughout their lives as they grow spiritually. We're here for you! If you get stuck, your “Scientist” asks a question you don’t know the answer to, or you have additional questions on the material please use the chat box at the bottom of the screen or shoot us an email at Cathy is our Campus Support Director and would love to help answer your questions or point you to the person on our team that can help you.

  • This is a three-day SBO/VBS: Parents are having to step up their teaching during this pandemic. We wanted to give them a fun summer thing to do without making it overwhelming. We decided to keep it at three days and let them know that they can stretch lessons over multiples days if they would like. Lessons do need to be taught in order, but can be taught three days in a row, three days during the week with days in between (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday), or even taught one day a week during three different weeks. The timeline is super flexible. 
  • Ages: We have designed this curriculum to work for ages 4 years - 6th grade. How do we do that? Most of the day will be done together, but we have split up parts of the curriculum into different tracks that will meet your kiddos right where they are at!
    • Orange Track: ​The Orange track is essentially SBO Jr (preschool & kindergarten). These activities are simpler and require little to no reading and writing. When there is a journaling activity, your “Scientist”(s) on the orange track can draw a picture instead of writing words. There may be a few things he/she will need extra assistance with.
    • Purple Track: The Purple Track is designed for elementary-aged “Scientists” that can read and write but have not yet made the decision to follow Jesus. These activities are designed to encourage the seeker kid to explore what it means to make this important decision for themselves. This is the “seeker-friendly” track designed just for them. Encourage these “Scientists” to bring their Bible if they have one.
    • Blue Track: The Blue Track is designed for elementary-aged “Scientists” that can read and write well and have already made the decision to follow Jesus. This track is designed to encourage him/her to go a little deeper in his/her walk with Jesus. This track encourages kids to take the next steps in their faith and also to find ways to be more outward focused. This is the “going deeper” track for believers. Definitely encourage these “Scientists” to bring their Bible if they do this track.
    • Special Needs Modifications: As always, Grace Church is an inclusive church! We strive to include our friends with special needs in everything we do. Your “Scientist” with special needs will follow whichever track (orange, purple, or blue) that makes the most sense for him/her. We understand that some of the activities may need to be tweaked for your “Scientist” to have a great experience. Some of our activities will have modification suggestions (indicated by green footprints) to use as needed. Again, your child will still follow one of the tracks.
    • How Do They Choose? We have included a flow chart to walk the kiddos through a series of questions. Once they finish, it will land them on a path that they are ready to follow. 
  • Don't let this webpage overwhelm you! We know there is a lot of information here, but we want you to be prepared by providing as much as possible so you can jump right in and get started. 

Things to Know Before you Start:

  • Canva: We have included our PDF versions of all of the resources, but we realize that you probably will want to make it fit your church's branding so we included editable templates as well. In order to use the templates, you will need a free account.

    • When you click the button it will take you directly to the Canva website. Click the blueish button that says, "Use template". From here you can edit anything you want. 

    • Personalize It: 

      • When using the templates you will be able to personalize anything you'd like. Things to consider personalizing include: ​

        • logos​

        • branded church/ministry colors

        • Bible Version - We use the NLT for most of the lessons, but you may want to swap out the version you use in your ministry.

        • Wording - You may want to swap out some of the wording to make it sound more like your church's voice.

    • Cost: 

      • Canva is free to use and includes thousands of free graphics. 

      • Many of the science graphics we used were designed by us and are free for you to use (beakers, backpack, magnifying glass, etc). We have included the graphic files for you to use to create other documents if you'd like. (Please do not redistribute these images outside of your organization.) 

      • Some graphics in our template do cost $1 per download if you are using the free account. If you have a paid account they are included in the price. The ones included in our templates that cost $1 are the explosions, speech bubbles, dotted comic backgrounds, etc.

        • You can choose to pay for these graphics,

        • Upgrade your account so they will be included, or

        • Swap them out for free Canva graphics. If you swap them out, give yourself a LOT of time to do this. 

    • Canva Tutorial: You will need a basic knowledge of Canva to do the editing. One thing to note is that you will need to send the border layer to the back on some of the pages before editing. If you have never used Canva, here is a quick tutorial to get you started. It's very easy to learn!

  • Give Yourself Time:

    • Designing: We are providing you with finished files, but they are branded for our church. If you'd like to make them match your church, you'll need to set aside a day or two to edit files. It takes a while to change all those colors, logos, etc.

    • Shipping: ​Below we are including a supply list with links to everything we purchased for our Science Kits. Most of our orders arrived in two weeks, but be sure to leave time for shipping before setting your dates.

    • Printing: 

      • Printing takes some time too! Be sure to set aside time to print. 

      • Be sure to have enough paper on hand before you start.​

      • Be sure to order more toner if you will be printing large numbers. We designed everything in full color to be more kid-friendly. If you need to switch your files to black & white or grayscale it's going to take some time to do that. 

      • If your copier staples, make sure to have some extra staples on hand as well. We printed and had our machine staple for us. The Kid's book and Leader Guide are both huge. We found that a standard hand stapler struggled to get through them. 

    • Assembling boxes: Give yourself enough time to assemble all of the boxes. It takes a while!

  • Build Your Own Science Kits:

    • We are providing all of the digital files for free, but you will need to build your own Science Kits. 

  • Video:

    • We will provide the scripts below for the video skits. If you'd like to see our videos you can view them on our main SBO page. (They will release on June 15, 16, and 17.) 

    • You're welcome to use our videos if you'd like, but if you have the ability to make your own videos with your own volunteers that would be ideal. 

Is it right for you? Read the Curriculum:

​Before you go any further, we recommend reading the material to see if this is a good fit for your church and your kids. Set aside some time to read through the video scripts, leaders guide, and camper workbook. Watch our videos. Will this work for your kids?

  • Video Scripts: We have included 3 opening and 3 closing scrips for you to review. We recommend that you watch our videos first before reading them so you can see it in action. Watch them by clicking the SBO tab at the top of the screen. We will be releasing the videos at 10 AM on June 15, 16, and 17.

    • Opening Videos

    • Closing Videos

    • "Big Head" Videos

  • Super Snazzy Science Log: This is the super fun workbook your kids will work their way through during the week. It has crafts and activities in it, places to journal their thoughts, directions for games and experiments, and more. It's full-color and a lot of fun. Download the PDF to see our version. Click the "template" button when you're ready to edit your own version.

  • Super Snazzy Leader Guide: This is a huge document that you can print off for your leaders if they need it. It scripts out every word of the day to help anyone that needs it. You can absolutly lead a group without this document if your leaders are confident. Pretty much everything they need to know is in the kid's Science Log. Download the PDF to see our version. Click the "template" button when you're ready to edit your own version.


​Our logo was also created on so you can adapt it to your colors as well! Each letter in the logo is a Canva "sticker". You can move them around, change the colors, etc. 

Pack A Science Kit:

​Each kid gets their own Science Kit the week of SBO. The kits cost around $15 to put together. We charged our participants $10 each. You can decide if you will charge your kids or not based on your own budget. The Science Kits include supplies for the experiments, the Super Snazzy Science Log, all the other printable pieces for crafts and such, and some fun swag.

  • Supply Lists:

    • ​Master Supply List: This is the spreadsheet we used to place our orders.

      • There is a LOT of information here, but it should help you find the best deals on everything.

      • Please note that these were the prices and shipping speeds at the time we ordered. That may have changed.

      • We also ordered in bulk. If you are buying for a smaller church, this may not be the best price but will give you somewhere to start. This includes a link and pricing (as of the time we purchased them). 

      • This is a "read only file". You will need to download or duplicate it to in order to make edits.

    • Swag Supply List: This is the fun stuff! We included a cup and headband in our boxes, but this list includes some other ideas you may like. This includes a picture, a link, and pricing (as of the time we purchased them).

    • Printable Supply List: This is the one we handed out to our leaders. These are the snack supplies that they needed to buy themselves as well as a list of household items they would need each day. We've included both our PDF file and a link to the editable template.

    • Printable Science Kit Contents List: We put this list inside each Science Kit so they would know what was in the box. We've included both our PDF file and a link to the editable template (same link as the other supply list).

  • Printables: We decided to make it easy and include everything in every box instead of having them choose their track ahead of time. Most of the printable pieces are also made in Canva and can be edited to match your church's branding. The only thing that can't be edited is the tomb activity. ​​

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