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Join us for SBO to-Go: Backyard Scientist!

Please be sure to read the description below so you will know exactly what you are registering for! 

Videos premiere on

June 15-17 at 9 am

3 days worth of



Overview of SBO To-Go

Nursery Bible Lesson for Easter 2020 using Easter eggs. Jesus is alive.

Heart of the Lesson 

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Take a look behind the scenes! 

Here are the answers to the most Frequently Asked SBO Questions:

  • Will We get to have an SBO this year? 

    • Yes, but with a twist. 

    • We will not be able to have our big multicampus SBOs on-site this year due to Covid-19, but that won't stop us from having an SBO.

    • We are having an "SBO To-Go" option instead. 

    • Registration is now open for the first 500 kids! (The first 500 are sold out. We hope to restock soon. Be sure to get on the waitlist.)

  • How does SBO To-Go work?

    • SBO To-Go will include:

      • Video lessons

      • Video worship

      • A Science Kit for each kid ($10)

        • A special Science Journal

        • Supplies for all of the science experiments

        • Fun Backyard Scientists swag

    • You will form your own mini SBO groups at home with your own kids, your Grace Group, and/or your neighbors. 

    • You will purchases individual Science Kits for each kid in your group when you register.

    • We'll assemble a Science Kit for each of the kids in your group. 

    • Your pick location options (Your Science Kits will be waiting for you at the location you choose when you register):

      • South Overland Park Campus​ - 8500 W. 159th St. Overland Park, KS 

      • North Overland Park Campus - 10300 Antioch Rd. Overland Park, KS 

      • Olathe Campus Offices - 15999 S. Bradley Drive Suite 100, Olathe KS

    • Pick Up Dates:

      • Thursday, June 11​anytime between 2-5:00 pm

      • Sunday, June 14 anytime between 2-5:00 pm

      • More pick up days will be announced when we restock the boxes.

    • We will provide the content and supplies, you will implement the lessons and experiments with your own group of kids in your home and yard.

  • What Do "Backyard Scientists" have to do with Jesus? 

    • Like scientists seek to understand through questions, observations, and carefully analyzing the evidence, we can seek God using similar methods. As we experiment with some fun backyard science we will seek to answer these questions:

      • Can Jesus understand me and my feelings?

      • Did Jesus really die for me?

      • Is Jesus really the ONE WAY to get to heaven?

  • When Will SBO TO-Go happen?

    • The first SBO To-Go videos will premiere on our Grace Kids YouTube channel on June 15 at 10 AM.

    • Day two will premiere on June 16 at 9 AM.

    • Day three will premiere on June 17 at 9 AM.

    • Can't make those time? No problem!!! While most people will join us that week, we understand that this date and/or times may not work for everyone. No fear! We will leave the videos available for you and even continue to distribute Science Kits through-out the summer until we run out!

    • You can do SBO To-Go anytime this summer!

    • You may even choose to do it multiple times with different groups of kids.

    • It's totally flexible and up to you!  

  • What age is SBO to-Go for? 

    • It is designed for ages 4 years through 6th grade.

    • SBO To-Go will have 3 different tracks for kids that are in different places in their walks with Jesus. All 3 tracks will be included in the journal in each of the Science Kits. We'll even include a questionnaire to help you figure out which track will work best for each kiddo in your group. All 3 tracks work together to fit the needs of your diverse group:

      • One track will be for younger kids. This will basically be SBOJR designed with more hands-on learning for those with shorter attention spans and non-readers.

      • One track will be for older kids who are not yet or are brand new followers of Jesus.

      • One will dive deeper for older kids who have been followers of Jesus for a while.

  • I have a Kid with special needs. Will SBO To-Go work for him/her? 

    • Of course! Grace is an inclusive church! We always have a plan for our friends with special needs.

    • We will help you navigate the lessons and make tweaks to work for your kiddo's needs.

    • You'll find modifications in your Leader's Guide and in the kid's Science Log to help you navigate modifications as needed.

  • How much will SBO to-Go cost? 

    • The cost will be for the Science Kits to help cover the cost of the supplies and swag in each kid's individual Science Kit. 

    • Each kiddo participating will need their own individual Science Kit. 

      • Science Kits will cost $10 each.

      • Sets of 5 Science Kits can be purchased at a discount for $40.

      • Use the above options to buy as many Science Kits as your group will need. 

    • The first 500 Science Kits ordered are guaranteed for pickup before the June 15 premiere.

    • Once we reach 500 orders we will need to order more supplies and build more Science Kits. Those kits will be released at a later date after they are assembled.

    • Please order as early as possible to guarantee your Science Kits for the first round of pick-ups. 

    • Don’t let your financial situation limit you from participating. If you need help please call 913-814-7223 and ask about one of our scholarships.

  • How many kids can be in my SBO group? 

    • We are creating this SBO To-Go to be done at home with just your family, with a slightly larger group of neighbors, or even with your Grace Group. We purposefully designed it to be flexible during this time. 

    • We ask that you follow the social distancing guidelines for your county/state.

    • You are able to order individual kits for as few as one kid or small group kits for 5 kids. You will be able to add extra Science Kits and purchase the exact number of kits your group needs.

  • How do I register my kids for SBO to-go? 

    • Science Kits are currently sold out. We hope to restock them soon. Don't forget to sign up for the waitlist! 

    • Click the registration button at the top of the page and follow the prompts.

  • I was excited about "SBO 2020: Do you see 3D?" What will happen to that SBO idea?

    • We were excited about SBO 2020: Do You See 3D?" too!!!

    • We plan to use this idea in the summer of 2021.

    • We are excited to get a whole year to continue to create this exciting 3D SBO experience. 

  • What can I do to help?

    • Pray:

      • First, we would love for everyone to join us in prayer! 

      • Pray for us as we plan SBO To-Go.

      • Pray for the kids that will be attending.

      • Pray that we will be sensitive to what God is wanting us to teach our kids and that He will guide us as we write and create this curriculum!

      • Pray for parents and Grace Groups to step up and lead their kids during this time. 

      • Pray for the various other churches around the nation that plan to use it as well. 

      • Pray that God moves through our kids this summer!

    • Lead a group in your home: 

      • Start praying about whom you can invite to join your SBO To-Go group in your home. Are there kids in your Grace Group that would attend? Are there kids in your neighborhood that you want to reach? They don't have to attend Grace to attend your group!

  • I live out of town. Can I use this SBO to-go with my own kids in my home? 

    • Of course!

    • We have included links to all of the video content as well as a supply list to build your own Science Kit(s) from anywhere in the world!

    • Please reach out to us and let us know where you are tuning in from! We are excited to help kids around the world connect with Jesus this summer! We are excited to partner with you! 

  • I am a kid director/pastor from another church. We had to cancel our VBS this year. Can I use your SBO with my church? 

    • Of course!

    • We love to help other churches reach kids! You are welcome to download our curriculum and resources FREE of charge!

    • Click the button below to access a page with more information just for you.

      • This page is where you will download everything once we release it on June 15.

      • You'll need to order your own supplies and build your own kits for your church (we'll provide a supply list with links). 

    • Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. For more information or questions email our Grace Kids Campus Support Director, Cathy Howey at



Do you have any other questions that we haven't answered yet? Use the purple chat button on the bottom LEFT to ask your questions. We'll get back to you right away. The chat is monitored from about 8 am-10 Pm Central Time seven days a week.

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